Organizational Structure

WMPA Organizational Chart

Board of Directors (BOD)

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors (BOD) are partly defined by its membership, its relationship to the operational planning and reporting to the Executive Secretariat, and to financial planning, disbursements and accounting tasks. A range of government agencies are represented on the Board of Directors of the WMPA (article 12, Decree 471/PM), and this board is under direction of the chairman. The Board of Directors is the platform of coordination of the government agencies and institutions. The WMPA Board of Directors membership is as follows:

  1. Governor of Khammouan Province (chairman)
  2. Vice Governor of Khammouan Province (vice-chairman)
  3. Vice Governor of Bolixkhamxay Province (vice chairman)
  4. Director general, Department of Forestry (Member)
  5. Head of the Cabinet of water Resources and Environment Administration (member)
  6. Director of PAFO, Khammouan Province (member)
  7. Director of PAFO, Bolixkhamxay Province (member)
  8. Governor of  Nakai District (member)
  9. District Governor of Khamkeut District (member)
  10. A nominee of the chief Executive Officer of NamTheun 2 power Company appointed by the Board of Directors of the NamTheun2 Power Company ( as long as NamTheun 2Power Company funds the authority).

Capacity building and strengthening of the Authority and partners

WMPA’s role is to manage, develop and protect Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area and Nam Theun 2 Watershed Area through coordination and cooperation with local administrations, local departments and concerned sectors both at local and provincial levels. In order to manage, develop, and protect the NT2 watershed effectively and be a good model for NPA management nationwide, the capacity building and strengthening of WMPA staff and district partners is central to effectively delivering the programs of the Authority. WMPA will continue to decentralise the management, development and protection of the Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area and NT2 Watershed Area to district stakeholders through ongoing strengthening of skills, competencies and abilities.