WMPA aims to regularly publish reports on its activities to ensure all stakeholders and interested parties have access to information on how the Authority is progressing in the achievement of its objectives and in the implementation of annual work plans.

Maps & Posters

WMPA has developed a number of maps that can be viewed from this website.

The Community Outreach & Community Awareness (COCA) and the Rural Development teams have created a series of posters, which are used as apart of their programs to inform and assist in the protection of the watershed.


WMPA has launched the latest five year plan, this will set the direction for the way we manage the watershed into the future.  Visitors can also view previous plans.

WMPA works with local and national rules and regulations some of which can be viewed here.

  • Annual Reports

One way in which we communicate the results of WMPA activities is through our annual reports.

WMPA welcomes national and international researchers to further our knowledge of this unique and relatively unknown region.

See some of the research and reports here.

WMPA activities are monitored by an independent authority whose task is to review WMPA activities  and ensure they cohere to the NT2 Concession Agreement.  The Panel Of Experts (POE) reports can be accessed here.